Choose your passion

We come from different areas of free flying and that is our main passion. Camp Gabrje is like the HQ for paragliding and hang-gliding activities in the Soca Valley.

Soca Valley offers you unique and various paths for mountain biking and cycling. Old army roads and routes from World wars forms amazing playground around the Valley.

Fishing is the most popular tourist activity in the region; the local fishing association manages over 145 km of waterways, with navigation allowed only on the Soča.

Soca Valley is surronded with Julian Alps mountains and hills, which offers several easy accessible climbing areas. Climbing routes of medium difficulty predominate. 

The wonderful natural environment is perfectly suited to all visitors. There are many tended pathways along lakes and rivers, as well as tended access to waterfalls and gorges.

For lovers of wild and fast rapids, the Soča River is one of the most desired destinations in all of Europe. They can go rafting, kayaking, and hydro speeding or take on other sporting adventures.