PG & HG Center

Paragliding & hang-gliding center

We come from different areas of free flying and that is our main passion. Camp Gabrje is like the HQ for paragliding and hang-gliding activities in the Soca Valley. Fly more and safer is our motto, this the reason why we are offering daily free, safety flying and weather information in our Paragliding & HG center Camp Gabrje. If you are planing to do some pluf, soaring, hike and fly, small or serious cross country, guide your students, just ask for info.

Services we offer

  • current information on weather and flight conditions
  • flying cards for Soca Valley available
  • parataxi to the starting points
  • first aid – call center
  • landing area
  • guiding with top Slovenian pilots
  • tandems flights with top Slovenian pilots
  • paragliding school
  • paragliding equipment online shop
  • equipment testing
  • events organising (competitions, free-flying festival,...)